Argentina returns to the kirchnerismo

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Argentina returns to the kirchnerismo
« en: Noviembre 09, 2019, 09:19:49 pm »
                               Argentina returns to the kirchnerismo
                                      Written by Dr. Alberto Roteta Dorado.-


When believed that Latin America finally appeared from the monstrosity they called Socialism of the XXI century triumph in the elections Fernández Argentina, it ¿reelected? Evo Morales in Bolivia, Lopez Obrador in Mexico attempts to centralize powers under its absolute control without forget that these days in Ecuador almost expelled President Lenin Moreno, and that, as in Chile, a number took place undue vandalized in the terrible and unhealthy influence of communism castro-Chavez became clear.

What is happening with Latin American? Does hypnotics are under the alienating effects of the extreme left and populism that prevailed in much of the region in recent years. Everything is possible, and we can not always say that is two separate electoral fraud to which we are accustomed misgovernments unashamed of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Argentines voted for a duo left, and so far, unlike the dubious situation of Bolivia, has not questioned the transparency of Argentine elections, nor could doubt the percentage counts of Mexicans, when a few months ago they chose, unfortunately, the socialist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Sectors large immersed populations in their ignorance, fanaticism, or whatever, and being also unaware of the most basic aspects of social politics of their nations and the world, portrayed their signature and contributed to the undeserved triumph of those who are It means the "represent" for a certain period of time.

After the results of the elections in Argentina on Sunday 27 October, I can not stop thinking about the matter controversial, and above all, try to search and find the common thread able to link recent events in the region , whether electoral or popular demonstrations with his new form of vandalism and extreme violence acts.

I will not fall for meaningless attacks and speculation that many have already incurred. I think that a call to reflection will always be much more useful than a superficial insult and some other hurtful and derogatory phrase. Those who lack the power to analyze critically and to give a serious opinion about the regional phenomenon that threatens us during these hard times are responsible for that. Latin America is Latin America, and with its mistakes, its shortcomings, its contrasting inequalities, its evils, and also its virtues - those that some intend to forget and hide - it is our subcontinent. Recall the beautiful Martian idea of ​​"Our America", well distant from the derogatory denomination that some repeat these days.

Say that "Our America" ​​there is great inequality, poverty, extreme poverty, high crime rates, crime and violence, as well as an enormous degree of subculturización rigged to poor instruction - there are multitudes who are still illiterate and barely can express or do so very rudimentario- is not pejorative way to characterize much of the region but objectively expose the harsh reality of the land of Sucre, Bolivar and San Martin.

This is known by socialist leaders, left-wing, progressive or as they want to call, and it is precisely this weakness subcontinental used as modus operandi to manipulate them. The poor, very poor and dispossessed, that time itself are less educated and subculturizados are promised reforms that then never met, they are offered gratuities and support humanitarian, and insertion into society with a minimum course of decorum . They are then incites protests, rallies, and as expected, are invited to the electoral vote that guarantees their apparent triumph. This weakness Marx knew very well when he set his theoretical ideas about the dictatorship of the proletariat, one of the most controversial aspects of his socialist doctrine absurd.

It was what made Hugo Chavez Venezuelan crowds, Evo Morales later with Bolivian indigenous, and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in Mexico recently. However, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay with distinguished within the regional context whenever poverty rates, crime, education, health, etc. They are different if you compare it with other nations. The lifestyle of the inhabitants of the southern cone differs somewhat from the rest of the countries of South and Central America.

What then happened to the Argentines they have preferred (nor was a generality, but only a slight predominance of voters in favor of Kirchner) to the socialist pairing of Fernandez instead of the continuity of Mauricio Macri? Nothing exceptional. The elections took place amid economic chaos which for some months has suffered extreme aggravation, and has been beating the Argentinians greatly. Hence vote thinking of their pockets and left driven by emotion rather than intellect, which undoubtedly led them to choose the binomial questioned Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernández.

Mauricio Macri did not know, and could not, lift from the economic point of view Argentina, and part of the village (only a portion, 48.10% of the votes, against the 40.37% obtained by Macri, not an overwhelming crowd and then disseminate the defenders of the continental socialism) without thinking of the dire consequences of a return to the kirchnerismo opted for Fernandez, leaving aside the dark biography of Mrs. Fernández de Kirchner.

When the "truth" to the polls to many people gives the same trend right, left, center-right, center-left Social Democrats, or whatever, and the party they represent, and are even able to ignore the multiple accusations of those who, presumably, are going to "represent" for a period of time. Recall the case of Brazil, relatively recently, the country where the ignorant masses preferred, according to previous surveys to the elections, a candidate in two separate prison for corruption charges.

So between Mauricio Macri, who lacked the momentum to propel his campaign - perhaps felt defeated beforehand-and the pair of Socialists, a small percent above half - enough to not undergo a ballotage ulterior- bent by the binomial that soon plunder what remains of Argentina, and did not usurp Mauricio Macri, but Nestor Kirchner and then continued his partner in life and successor in office, Cristina Fernandez, politics most corrupt of the continent and the most serious crimes blamed for this, something that 48.10% of Argentines chose to forget these days.

So, the Fernández assume the power of Argentina whenever certain socioeconomic conditions of the country favored the nonconformity of a population segment, not just regarding Mauricio Macri, but the harsh economic situation of the nation - which is not comparable to the debacle of Venezuela and Cuba, nor Argentines act according to the canons of the castro-chavismo-, something willfully and with malice aforethought used the leftist binomial, especially Cristina Fernandez, who was the idea of ​​using his old collaborator, then become an adversary and now accomplice for his return to the political power of the nation.


Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Vice President of Argentina. His implications as a cover-up and collaborator in one of the largest terrorist acts in the country (85 dead and 300 injured), known as the AMIA Attack Case (Argentine Mutual Israel Association), will follow him the rest of his days.

Argentines should know - at the least that 40.37% who preferred to keep trying luck with Mauricio Macri that Cristina Fernandez at least he cares about is the present and the future of their homeland, although its limited populist verbiage says otherwise. Fernandez de Kirchner was lost despite the immunity conferred by being in the Senate since 2017 (Refer to the letter of my authorship Cristina Fernandez, the former president and senator more pronounced in Latin America). Now on the position of vice president of the nation his career challenged criminal (12 open processes of which 6 have already passed phase trial detention) will experience a radical change (already revoked two of the proceedings against him and another has been questioned); being one of the basic phones, but the main reason that has driven him to assume his new role. It goes without saying that among other reasons occupies a special place the continuity of the looting of the country with the enrichment of their personal finances and assets of the Kirchner.

Doña Cristina is true that just stood out in the presidential campaign, leaving Alberto Fernandez, who was his opponent and who also abandoned his duties during his almost single-mandate previously populist rallies with the usual promises of long intemperate attacks on the government Macri. This was also part of the strategy of the corrupt woman who did not suit made him notice too.

Its implications as concealer and collaborator in one of the biggest terrorist acts of the country (85 dead and 300 wounded), known as the Case Bombing AMIA (Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina) *, will follow the rest of their days without forget the accusation as head of an alleged conspiracy (Case notebooks of corruption), which for 12 years a network of bribes came to collect about $ 160 million in cash to construction companies that were competing in tenders for he was handled kirchnerismo (2003-2015) **.

For now wait and be well aware of upcoming events in Argentina. Narco-terrorists and dictators of Venezuela, Bolivia and Cuba expressed their congratulations to the new presidential couple, for they "deserved victory", praising especially the new vice president. Jair Bolsonaro recently confirmed he will not attend the inauguration of the new president, while Donald Trump contacted by telephone for 15 minutes with Alberto Fernandez, and also congratulated him and informed him about instructions to his team of the International Monetary Fund for emergency aid to Argentina. Mexico's Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador received it on Saturday in what will be his first meeting with another head of state,

In both the intellectual and politician South American Mario Vargas Llosa knew quasi mourn in silence - at its recent paper entitled "Yes, cry for you Argentina" - for the future obscure Argentines, who, according to the "elected over half a century the worst choices (...) have wanted to live under dictatorships, they wanted to live within the scariest mercantilism. In this there is a responsibility of the Argentine people. "

Cristina is now back in Cuba (this is the seventh of travel in a few months) to visit her daughter, who admitted is under medical prescriptions for months in Havana for a possible post-traumatic stress disorder (Did was in war, intergalactic missions, or subjected to torture?), and questioned mild lymphedema of the lower limbs (medical records resist everything that is written). It is assumed that no missing private meetings with the dictator Raul Castro and his puppet now, Miguel Diaz-Canel, to plot the not only future strategies of Argentina, but in the region, while celebrating the "victory" of socialism worn of the twenty-first century.

While I join the pain of the author of The Time of the Hero, the one that nobody knew how recently described in a few lines, the tragic reality of Argentina and its disastrous consequences under the rule of Fernandez. I do not think that the history of Ecuador repeated in Argentina, although it can not be ruled out of the whole, and the vice president is brought to prison as Jorge Glas, who just started his term in office as vice president with Lenin Moreno was sentenced and is currently serving prison its proven links in the Odebrecht case.

Happen would be a major blow to confront and discredit socialism of the XXI century, the worst of evils of "Our America".


* On July 18, 1994 a car bomb exploded outside the headquarters of the AMIA, in downtown Buenos Aires. Argentina formally accused the Iranian government of planning the attack and the party-militia Shiite Lebanese Hizbullah execution. More than 20 years later, the federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman appeared with a head shot, just as there were only a few hours to appear before Congress, in what would be the complaint that had been filed against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of course cover-up terrorists, and four days after making the indictment against the then president of Argentina. This has been taken up, and now, three years after the death of Nisman the Judge Claudio Bonadio, who in 2015 was separated from the so-called cause AMIA, as stated, "lack of impartiality" and for having "double role of judge and suspect," he prosecuted the exmandataria asking for his impeachment to carry out his arrest; but as we know did not go to jail for having fueros parliamentarians. On January 14, 2015, prosecutor Alberto Nisman, denounced the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to "decide, discuss and organize the impunity of Iranian refugees in the AMIA case for the purpose of making the innocence of Iran "with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, a deputy Andrés Larroque and social leader Luis D'Elia, and called for the investigation of all of them. but as we know did not go to jail for having fueros parliamentarians. On January 14, 2015, prosecutor Alberto Nisman, denounced the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to "decide, discuss and organize the impunity of Iranian refugees in the AMIA case for the purpose of making the innocence of Iran "with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, a deputy Andrés Larroque and social leader Luis D'Elia, and called for the investigation of all of them. but as we know did not go to jail for having fueros parliamentarians. On January 14, 2015, prosecutor Alberto Nisman, denounced the president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to "decide, discuss and organize the impunity of Iranian refugees in the AMIA case for the purpose of making the innocence of Iran "with Foreign Minister Hector Timerman, a deputy Andrés Larroque and social leader Luis D'Elia, and called for the investigation of all of them.

** First period between 2003 and 2007 whose president was Nestor Kirchner and second stage between 2007 and 2015, whose president was Cristina Fernandez.