Mais Medicos to ... Cubanos

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Mais Medicos to ... Cubanos
« en: Noviembre 20, 2018, 05:01:34 pm »
                                     Mais Medicos to ... Cubanos
                                   Written by: Dr Alberto Roteta Dorado.


Santa Crz de Tenerife. Spain.- The event the moment Cuba, the largest Caribbean island, and unfortunately, the island that remains a communist, totalitarian and expansionist regime for almost sixty years, is the return of a large group of doctors from Brazil; this time not with the "victorious flags" of victory "mission" accomplished, but as part of a strategy to confront the Cuban system Jair Bolsonaro, the new president of Brazil, newly elected democratically by the people.

What to say about the matter - all time has already been addressed too hot topic concerning the departure of Cuba 's doctors - Mais program without being repetitive and trying to give readers a different view of something that from about a week ago is a source of news, reference, discussion and speculation in numerous media world?

The first is to specify the approximate number of Cuban doctors expected to return (better would be to be returned, because it is a forced return and disagree with professionals, although in interviews the official media of Cuba give their demonstrations of support for the government's decision) to Cuba. After consulting more than thirty written on the subject I maintain the hypothesis that some authors frequently copied from others, and unfortunately they have not done well, leading to an initial bias can distort reality.´

Moreover, since the turbulent days the Brazilian presidential campaign the international community was projected ruthlessly against the representative of the Liberal Social Party, which was then maintained his triumph on 28 October. Too many eyes focused on the actions of the new president and the future of Brazil, almost all from a distance, and often without knowledge of the facts since they happen to be unaware of the contextuality of a needy nation of changes urgently given the malefic influence of its former presidents, Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, both representatives of the regional left.

In the Spanish digital newspaper published it was published a few days ago in an article titled: Cuba will withdraw 11,400 physicians in Brazil after threats Bolsonaro an exorbitant number of doctors does not match the rest of the references consulted on the theme " island decided to return to the more than 11,000 Cuban doctors currently working in Brazil after Bolsonaro questioned the preparation of specialists, determine its stay in the program for the revalidation of the title and impose as the only way individual contracts ".

The first inconsistency is the vast difference between the number of the owner and then handled. It can be expressed more than 11,000 when it is a figure that does not exceed significantly the number expressed, but in the case of 400 physicians above 11,000 is unacceptable. However, the most important thing is not numerical difference, but try to figure out where they got this information that is unrelated to the approximate number of professionals who return to the island.

Recall that all specialists involved in the project Mais Medicos is 18,240, including those of other nationalities involved as cooperating in 4,058 municipalities, a figure which does not correspond to the published data. Of all only found in Brazilian territory 8,400 Cuban doctors who offer their services in 2,885 cities, and not 11,400 as stated in that article. Another precise reference Cuba withdraw from Brazil to 20,000 doctors, cifre that surpasses all medical program, including those of other nationalities, hence it even crazier.

Having determined this regard, I consider that, secondly we must address the reasons why the regime in Havana has determined to proceed with the withdrawal of their doctors. Versions that have tried to offer are as varied to reach consensus would take a huge time and do not usually repeat what others have expressed, except some opinions that their analytical depth deserve to be retaken as references, something that happens infrequently given the superficiality with which issues by some who, without being knowledgeable about a subject, they rush to make assumptions analysis that contribute very little to the understanding of a phenomenon of such social and political importance, as is the case assumed topic at hand.

I do not think that the Cuban government concern you in the slightest insecurity alleged that their doctors will face from the establishment of a rightist government that may break off diplomatic relations with Cuba. If there really an interest in preserving the integrity of the Cuban doctors would release not to the most remote places on the continent in sweatshops (sites inaccessible jungle areas of the Brazilian Amazon).

Note the sudden death of several professionals in a very short period of time, the causes of death, except the two injured are not clarified, and perhaps were perfectly curable being served with minimal speed and conditions - what It is missing in the intricate exercise sites as slaves, which has been recognized by the president of the Brazilian Medical Association, who referred to the lack of infrastructure despite sanitario- staff, and this deserves a legal investigation seriously and not a resounding silence from the Cuban dictatorship.

The corrupt Cuban regime is only interested in what they can extract from other nations at the expense of their professional work, which he is only offered between 25 or 30% of earned wages. This means that 75% of the salary received by doctors from Cuba goes to the unscrupulous hands of the rulers of the regime in Havana - despite the high dome of the island denies this, saying it is used for social functions and economic development programs, which also maintain strict vigilance and exclusive control of all medical personnel to the constant attempts to leave the so-called medical missions and settle permanently in Brazil (thousands have joined in marriage to national established in Brazil), and from there move on to other countries.

So, before the approach of Jair Bolsonaro - and not the threats is handled by a large group of media of the press about the critical situation in slavery of Cuban doctors, the possibility that they can stay in Brazil, but receiving full salary, and can bring their families definitively, the Cuban authorities have been left with no alternative but to withdraw its professionals called medical missions, even though thousands of people living in poverty, marginalization and isolation left without medical care; because despite the call made by health managers in Brazil to try to fill the vacancies of the thousands of Cuban doctors, will not be possible to complete the huge void left by members of Mais Medicos.

While in Cuba comes once more to the rhetoric obsolete colored by aberrant stigmas of socialism of the Soviets, in which no shortage of worn terms of self-denial, sacrifice, bastions, army of white coats, altruism, or any other bizarre thing and out of context, in Brazil, the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) considers that the departure of Cuba from Mais Medicos program has "stamp of revenge" and is a "boycott" the government of President-elect, Jair Bolsonaro.

Lincoln Lopes Ferreira, president of the WBA, said: "A foreign government (referring to Cuba), with stamp of revenge, withdrew their doctors, without regard to their ethical and moral and even humanistic commitments," what I consider extraordinary importance whenever a national openly states - regardless of their political position and orientation ideological reality of the matter by insisting forgotten humanistic commitment, that of both the Cuban regime strives to promote as a letter to the world, and that is just part of an expansionist strategy intended to bring communism everywhere, in addition to survive economically from entering most of the salary of their doctors.

But the president of the Medical Society not only discredited the Cuban regime in this regard, but made a critical judgment about the persecution of Cuban his professional authorities: "They had the location of the controlled Cuban doctors, controlled personal relationships, controlled ride of their family. That represented an aberration and violated national sovereignty ".

Note that in Cuba 100% of its population is controlled by a vast system of strict monitoring that includes thousands of officers, undercover agents and informers agents, and this acquires dimensions unusual in international missions calls (currently medical collaborations) to attempted professionals stay in the country where they collaborate, which presupposes the abandonment of the "mission" or trying to leave the country bound for other countries working, mainly to the United States, although you can find Cuban doctors all over the world.

So not only Jair Bolsonaro has been able to discredit the Castro dictatorship with firm proposals, but Dr. Lincoln Lopes Ferreira has given right in the hub of the matter, that is, the coercive system and repressive they are internationalists subject called Cuba, which reinforces the hypothesis Bolsonaro regarding the conditions of slavery in the Cuban members of Mais Medicos program play.

Finally, I want to make it pointed out that thanks to Jair Bolsonaro and perceptual acuity to discuss the issue of the situation of Cuban doctors in Brazil health professional export from the island could be affected, because there are already many countries whose governments have taken interest at the height matter of the enormous differences between the actual wages earned and received negligible percent.

Jair Bolsonaro thus becomes the first president internationally able to discredit the regime in Havana, not with threats and verbal attacks, or formal diplomatic relations and agreements break, but with concrete actions.

The inclusion of Cubans in Mais Medicos comes to an end because the Cuban regime did not accept the antislavery proposals for the new president, which, forgetting those precepts of humanism, internationalism, patriotism, or any other self-ism outdated language of the rulers of the island, will be without medical care thousands of poor men who had never seen a doctor. Anyway, more to the dark karma of Cuban leaders.