Cristina Fernandez, the former president and senator more pronounced in Latin Am

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                     Cristina Fernandez, the former president and senator more pronounced
                                                         in Latin America
                                     Written by: Dr. Alberto Roteta Dorado.

Nestor Kirchner was the brokered to set up a government structure that would allow him do his thing during his tenure, and not only that, but paved the way for his successor and companion in life's kept as a guarantee of not only political continuismo but of unparalleled corruption.

Santa Cruz of Tenerife. Spain.- A judge may err, after all he is a man, and the error is inherent in humans, as is their inherent ability to try to overcome that what was wrong. Slanders about leaders, artists and other prominent characters have been around since the very beginning of human history. Often after possible miscarriage of justice and after calumny usually hide a truth, that sooner or later will be discovered, which is no room for errors and slanders, since the reality of the facts is evident in convincing demonstrations.

You can make judgments a priori no convincing evidence to prove the guilt of the condemned; but I do not think that all courts and judges who speak out against several leaders of the American continental left are wrong as argued by the advocates of socialism of the XXI century, far from taking their final defeat in the region are set to emit incoherent judgments political dealings with other countries some influence, to perceive media campaigns against him, and as usual, blaming the "strong enemy" of an existing single course empire in the twisted mentality of the "progressive" of these times.

These days the news again Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Argentina's political and lawyer who presided over this nation between 2007 and 2015. The most marked in the region exmandataria again the center of the media by the most recent charges related fraud and conspiracy and aggravated by alleged cover-up, obstruction of justice and abuse of authority.

As would be endless this writing if I dwell on the details of the events that led to Argentina expresidenta to be the most pronounced in the region at present wife, I have to limit myself to only a few annotations that can give us the measure of malfeasance the defender of socialism of the XXI century in Argentina.

Illicit association and fraud in awarding public works.

In early March a judge decided to bring to trial an investigation in which he is accused Cristina Fernandez of conspiracy and fraud in the award of public works during his tenure, in what would be the first time accountable for the concept of corruption when It is present in trial. Judge Julián Ercolini to the position of prosecutor Gerardo place Pollicita ago,
who had asked to open the trial of the case in which the alleged targeting of public works contracts on behalf of the Southern Group during the governments of Nestor Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez is investigated.

According to the inquest, a strategic plan was created to fraudulently manipulate state funds for companies Lázaro Báez, in the southern province of Santa Cruz, the birthplace of the late former President Nestor Kirchner (2003-2007) and this was governor. These companies were awarded almost all the roadworks tendered in this state during the twelve years that governments kirchneristas spread.

Nestor Kirchner was the brokered to set up a government structure that would allow him do his thing during his tenure, and not only that, but paved the way for his successor and companion in life's kept as a guarantee of not only political continuismo but of unparalleled corruption. The mentioned former President mounted the institutional structure of his government with different people you trust, most of whom were part of different government areas of the province of Santa Cruz, which he placed in strategic positions, which has been highlighted by the authorities court.

Cloaking terrorists to cause 85 deaths in Argentina.

But not only he is accused of fraud and conspiracy, but has taken up the controversial criminal case against attack Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA), which in 1994 caused 85 deaths and more than 400 wounded. Fernández Kirchner must answer for alleged aggravated concealment, obstruction of justice and abuse of authority. Claudio Bonadio judge wants the former President of Argentina explain to a jury if he concocted a "criminal plan" to give impunity suspects in the attack on the AMIA Jewish center.

Recall that more than 23 years ago, a car bomb exploded outside the headquarters of the AMIA, in downtown Buenos Aires. Argentina formally accused the government of Iran to plan the attack, and the party-militia Lebanese Shiite Hizbullah execution. More than 20 years later, the federal prosecutor Alberto Nisman appeared with a head shot, just as there were only a few hours to appear before Congress, in what would be the complaint that had been filed against Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of course cover-up terrorists, and four days after making the indictment against the then president of Argentina.


Buenos Aires AMIA Bombing, AMIA

This has been taken up, and now, three years after the death of Nisman Judge Claudio Bonadio, who in 2015 was separated from the AMIA llamadacausa was said, for "lack of impartiality" and for having maintained a "paper twice and judge suspect "he has processed the exmandataria requesting his immunity to carry out arrest; but as we know did not go to jail for having fueros parliamentarians. AMIA is no doubt that will be more controversial, because the memorandum with Iran never came into force by the rejection deserved in Tehran.

The senator for the province of Buenos Aires will also appear orally on trial for the so-called cause "dollar future," also based on a decision of his Government, in this case the sale of dollars at a lower price to prevent the price rise more from account; but as I said before, I intend only to mention some points for not ending this writing.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner vs. Mauricio Macri.

The exmandataria, more than leftist stance, I would say indefinite or masked, since we can not take for granted the existence of a full-fledged socialist form during his tenure, recently declared they wanted to see it quiet, but did not make it. And indeed, as he left his muteness - apparently a forced guidance of their advisors as a strategic element to reappear attacking Macri, when tempers were apparently calmer after the climax of the current economic crisis, silence just as the macrismo lost image positive and intention to vote every day - lashing out at President Mauricio Macri through a public letter calls him "traitor to the fatherland".

Kirchner to curb speculation surrounding his sarcastic silence on the matter involving Macri playing a leading role, decided to take an unexpected turn with his criticism of the attitude of the president and the Alliance Coalition's change to seek assistance from the IMF International. In his last statement he said: "The government of Mauricio Macri and change it Alianza comes to driving the national state with only one plan for their own businesses and countless political and cultural prejudices which, together with ignorance of history and the global context, led them to believe that the mere arrival of the government and his good manners would lead, among other things, a rain of investment."

Anyway, regardless of possible inaccuracies and inadequacies to handle the matter by the current president Mauricio Macri and his advisor cabinet, I think the exmandataria has lost track of things, since it is not for someone who is accused by conspiracy, money laundering and concealment of the worst terrorist attack in Argentina in its history, in addition to having left the country without reservation, in default, and 30% poor, make critical statements about the actions of others .

I do not think that is the work of chance that Lula Da Silva is prisoner, who Dilma Rousseff is dismissed, Cristina Fernandez is currently being processed on various charges, and although they are not yet in the process of prosecution Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Nicolas Maduro and Raul Castro, at least there have been complaints by institutions and agencies from around the world to also be prosecuted for their many crimes, some against humanity.

Cristina Fernandez hopefully, be quiet - and did not want to see her, from a premeditated silence, or making incriminating statements as their concept of a "political persecution orchestrated by the government of Macri" according to reiterada- he said so, can join regional leaders left who are already behind bars, and pave the way for those who will follow soon in their new home.